Parts of Circles

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Lesson on how to find the circumference of a Circle

A helpful scientific calculator that runs in your web browser window.

The site gives a small applet exploring the relationship between circles centered at the origin, linear equations, and pythagorean triples.

A page with links for properties of circles and different types of polygons. Each link has great visuals with clear markings, definitions, and formulas.

Gives examples of problems with intercepted arc, central angle, and angles inside and outside the circle.

This page will show you how to calculate various things that pertain to a circle: radius, diameter, circumference, and area.

Theorems and practice problems

All you ever needed to know about the tangent of a circle and practice problems.

All you ever wanted to know about chords and practice problems

Discusses the properties of chords and inscribed angles of a circle and their geometric relationships. Includes a brief worksheet.

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