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Formula and description of the perimeter of a parallelogram.

A helpful scientific calculator that runs in your web browser window.

This site outlines the theorems about parallelograms with proofs to these theorems.

A page with links for properties of circles and different types of polygons. Each link has great visuals with clear markings, definitions, and formulas.

This interactive quiz allows you to test your knowledge on complementary and supplementary angles, as well as all the special angle pairs with the transversal of parallel lines.

Parallel Lines, and Pairs of Angles

This game (similar to "Who Wants to be a Millionaire") reviews parallel and perpendicular lines and their slopes.

In this Early Edge video lesson, you'll learn more about Transversals and Parallel Lines, so you can be successful when you take on high-school Math & Geometry.

This "Jeopardy-like" game reviews basic geometry vocabulary and parallel lines/angles vocabulary