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This page shows some common prisms and discusses the number of faces, vertices, and edges.

A helpful scientific calculator that runs in your web browser window.

Worksheet to practice calculating surface area for rectangular prisms.

Worksheet to practice calculating volumes for "real world" rectangular prisms.

Worksheet (with answers available) to practice calculating volumes of rectangular prisms.

This page goes over the surface area and volume formulas for 3-D shapes and is interactive.

Gives a very good model that explains what volume is and how it is calculated with prisms. It also includes regular and irregular prisms.

This gives a 3-D image of a prism and shows several different folding patterns surrounding the prism. The student must choose which folding pattern matches the prism.

Given the drawings of several 3-dimensional shapes identify the names of each. Answers included.

Explanation of cuboids, rectangular prisms, and cubes, including formulas and real-life examples

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