Less than 60% of full-time students graduate with their bachelor’s degree within six years. Our goal is to partner with higher education institutions to help more students succeed in their coursework and graduate.

Expand Access to Dynamic Academic Support

We understand today's students. Our expert tutors are available around the clock to meet students at their point of need. Students facing demanding schedules, extracurricular commitments, and family obligations can get the help they need when they need it--outside of class, faculty office hours and when other on-campus services are closed.

  • 24/7 On-demand tutoring
  • Scheduled tutoring
  • Drop-off essay review
  • Diagnostic quizzes

Get Actionable Retention Data

Our usage and diagnostic data provide targeted and timely insight into the specific challenges facing an individual student or a full class. Empower your faculty and student success staff to take action early in their students’ academic journey.

Tutor.com’s Topic Trend Analysis notifies you when a significant percentage of students struggle with a particular concept, providing valuable insights to inform instructional design and curriculum.

Daily notifications make instructional and student success intervention efforts timely and efficient, ensuring that students are receiving the support they need before they are in crisis and at risk of withdrawal or failure. The result is increased course completion rates, retention, and persistence rates, as well as improved graduation rates.

Increase Graduation Rates

Tutor.com’s expert tutors, real-time data, and learning analytics can help you meet the diverse needs of your students. Support traditional and non-traditional students, identify knowledge gaps, and provide remedial help with initial coursework—and retain and graduate successful, confident alumni.

Colleges that switch from other online tutoring solutions to Tutor.com see an immediate increase in student use and satisfaction;

  • 84% of students who used Tutor.com received a passing grade vs. 68% of students who did not use Tutor.com.**
  • 88% of students who used Tutor.com reenrolled the next term vs. 70% of students who did not use Tutor.com.**
  • 96% of students reported improved grades and more confidence after a Tutor.com session.***

*United States, National Center for Education Statistics, "Table 326.10." https://nces.ed.gov/programs/digest/d15/tables/dt15_326.10.asp
**Ruffalo Noel Levitz, "Efficacy Study: Final Report April 2015 for Tutor.com" (Report, United States of America, 2015)
***Based on thousands of surveys submitted by Tutor.com users in 2016