American Historical Figures

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This website highlights some the most spectacular discoveries in science and technology during the 20th century. The site includes an Educator's Guide with activities, discussion questions, and information for using A Science Odyssey in the classroom. A resource list supplies information on books, websites, and other videos related to the programs or activities

Free movies, games, activities, and more for students interested in social studies.

Provides students with links to famous American statesmen, presidents, activists, reformers, explores, musciians, writers,, artists, scients, athletes, etc.

It documents the history of human flight. Photos, drawings, and articles are presented in six categories: myth and fantasy, early science, balloons and airships, kites and gliders, the Wright brothers, and after the Wright brothers.

This site features photos and artifacts from the life of one of the most dynamic and controversial First Ladies in U.S. history.

The Virtual Jamestown Archive is a digital research, teaching and learning project that explores the legacies of the Jamestown settlement and "the Virginia experiment."

This site overs lots of valuable info on the Declaration of Independence including where the original document is located, who signed it, and what is really on the back of the document.

The site allows young readers to research the biographies of about 75 persons, including explorers, inventors, famous women, civil rights leaders, and American presidents. Many articles are appropriate for students at third/fourth grade level and up, with large type and easy-to-read sentences. Online games and printables are included, along with selected links to other sites.

This give the bio of our first president. You can find the bio of all of the presidents on this site.

Provides biographies, narratives and major events of Jim Crow era.

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