Civil War

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It features a timeline of America's wars, from the Revolution to Iraq. Watch an interactive presentation on each war -- slideshows and movies, text and photos, and dozens of artifacts (firearms, flags, uniforms). Read an overview of each conflict; learn about its causes, major events, and consequences. Gain a sense of how wars have shaped our history.

Informative site about the causes of the Civil War. Has links to other Civil War information including a time line.

Free movies, games, activities, and more for students interested in social studies.

Pick a side, grab a rifle and get ready for the experience of a lifeitme.

The webpage lists the major incidents and battles of the Civil War, with brief descriptions of each. It is suitable for children in elementary and middle school. Links allow students to see the persons (e.g., Ulysses S. Grant) and places (e.g., Bull Run) mentioned in the timeline.

Provides biographies, narratives and major events of Jim Crow era.

An interactive timeline from 1863-1954