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This website explains alpha and beta decay. It also goes a little into how far each can penetrate, along with nuclear binding energies. Website is definitely for high school or higher.

Basic Chem

8th Chemistry Vocab

Organic Chemistry

BIO205 - Ch 2 - Chemical Principles - RioSalado - AZ

This website introduces the object that contains almost all of the mass in the universe, the atomic nucleus. Antimatter, beta rays, fission and fusion, the structure of the atomic nucleus, how elements on the earth were produced, how we use the nucleus in every day life, and the effects of radiation in the environment are among the topics.

Basic explanation and diagrams of atomic structure and how it relates to light energy.

Chapter 6 - Standard Esthetics

Printable study cards (.pdf format) covering nuclear chemistry: half life, nuclear equations, radioactivity, fission and fusion, decay.

Periodic table with links to concise information about the element.