DNA to Protein

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BIO205 - CH9 - Recombinant DNA Technology - Tortora - Rio Salado - AZ

In this video, Salman Khan of Khan Academy explains chromosomes, chromatids and chromatin.

This website has decent definitions and diagrams of DNA.

translating DNA and RNA.

This website explores biological molecules, self-assembly, and DNA. Zoom in on the macromolecules from which living things are made. Discover how, on the molecular level, things can assemble themselves. Learn how genetic information stored in DNA is read by cells and used to build proteins that cells need. Find out about protein folding, protein-substrate docking, and the important role of shapes and charges in self assembly

Explains steps in easy to follow termiology

An excellent interactive, multiple choice study tool designed for students who want to learn anatomy. You see a part of the human body labeled with numbers, choose the correct answer from a list and your answers are checked immediately.

En Español: Animation of full DNA to protein process. Includes explanations of transcription, translation, movement of RNA out of nuclues, and packaging and transport of proteins by Golgi apparatus.

En Español: Protein translation animation. Includes ideas such as: structure of tRNA, two ribosomal subunits, growth of protein one amino acid at a time and stop codon.

En Español: DNA replication animation. Includes ideas such as: 5' to 3' replication, base pairing, Okazzaki fragments and role of DNA polymerase.

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