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If vectors make you break out in a cold sweat, build your confidence (and your skills) with these practice vector problems, physics videos, and other online resources. They're all free, so try one today.
String/pulley/incline problems: This site walks you thorough the derivation of several formulas for different types of problems incorporating strings, pulleys and inclines.

Detailed description and diagrams of inclined planes.

Hundreds of free games illustrating basic principles of physics.


Need to study for Physics? Here are some questions to help you out!!!

Explanation and clear diagram of the force vectors involved when a mass is on an inclined plane.

Suitable for a highschool/university level student learning to integrate algebra and physics.

Good introduction to vectors, vector diagrams, and properties. A great science tutorial.

Interactive Applet to do vector dot products. The magnitude and direction of vectors can be changed with mouse.