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Learn more about acceleration with free physics videos, worksheets, and other online tools. We've collected the best physics resources from around the web, and they're all 100% free.
This is great for kids to understand what happens in a simple situation when a ball's mass changes or the force on it is increased or decreased…they can see the effect on acceleration

Motion graphs to demonstrate constant acceleration motion.

This site has tutorials on various trajectory problems. It includes interactive trajectory calculators.

Explanations, formulae, and excellent illustrations covering the fundamentals of uniform circular motion and centripetal force.

This is an excellent applet and calculator showing how projectiles can be fired into orbit, or not, depending upon initial velocity.

This is a very nice applet and calculator that illustrates and allows the calculation of trajectories of projectiles fire with different velocities and at different angles.

This site provides a neat, concise, and lucid explanation of how to solve problems having to do with pulleys. It extends the simple explanation to include inertia; and, by extension, friction as well. Just substitute friction for inertia (Ia).

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