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It also gives formulas, description, etc for statistics.

At a distance of 100 yards, Mr. Winchester hits the target an average of 60% of the time. In a local rifle contest, each contestant will attempt 3 shots and receive the following reward depending upon the number of targets that he hits: $50 for all 3 targets; $25 for 2 targets; and $10 for 1 target. If a contestant misses all 3 targets, he must pay $100. Should Mr. Winchester enter the contest if he wishes to maximize his expected net gain?

In this video, Salman Khan of Khan Academy explains probability. Part 2 of 8.

Video includes explanation of factorials and also how to add, multiply, and divide factorials and some common mistakes.

Find the area under the normal distribution curve to the right of 2.45 and to the left of – 2.08

A company that makes soda pop cans finds the probability of producing a can without a puncture is .096, the probability that a can does not have a smashed edge is .093, and the probability that a can does not have a puncture and does not have a smashed edge is .893. a. Are the events "selecting a can without a puncture" and "selecting a can without a smashed edge" mutually exclusive? Explain. b. If a quality inspector randomly selects a can, find the probability that the can does not have a puncture or does not have a smashed edge.

I need help with probability 2-4 [ File > ]

Need help on stats

Im unsure of what to do with this homework assignment [ File > ]

Find the critical z confidence necessary to form a confidence interval at the level of confidence shown below: c = 0.84

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