Early American government and political systems

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Manifest Destiny and Territorial Expansion

The web page gives basic information about the Magna Carta (most in a question-and-answer format). The questions seem to be those which most interest students.

Free movies, games, activities, and more for students interested in social studies.

A review of United States History to 1877.

Information suitable for grades 6 and up on ALL US History topics such as the Flag, Liberty Bell, Battle fields, Bejamin Franklin and more!

Learn all about the U.S. Senate - who the current Senators are, the committees they serve on, and their legislation and records.

Learn all about America's Presidents and their causes, the White House, and our government.

Starts from the very beginning with easy to follow links to get to the section of the Constitution the student is struggling with.

Has everything you ever wanted to know about the Supreme Court - traditions, biographies of the justices, and more.