Samuel Z.

Samuel Z.

About Samuel Z.


Algebra 2, Trigonometry


Bachelors in Neuroscience from Brandeis University

Career Experience

I use my training in computational neuroscience to design noninvasive brain stimulation therapies. Every day is a combination of psychology, biology, math, and physics.

I Love Tutoring Because

I get to share a sense of excitement with the student, working with the student to solve the problem, coming to that moment of clarity together and often learning something myself by the end.

Reviews (2,336)


Math - Algebra II

Jun 13, 2018
Samuel Z was amazing in helping me understand my homework for the week!


Math - Algebra II

Jun 10, 2018
This service needs to allow a better way for you to text in the board. You can not go back and edit your text option once you are done. And that's an inconvenience.


Math - Algebra II

May 26, 2018
Thank goodness for this tutorial. I really would not have known what else to do. I needed a tutor. Period!


Math - Algebra II

May 10, 2018
he was wonderful