Mark K.

Mark K.

About Mark K.




Bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from University of New Haven

Masters in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus

PHD in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Mississippi State University

Career Experience

College professor, auto mechanic, electric power engineer, newspaper writer, science curriculum consultant, electronics technician, plumber, researcher in lightning protection, science museum demonstrator. Not necessarily in that order.

I Love Tutoring Because

I like the students and I like science and engineering. When I explain something to a student, I'm also explaining it to myself. And it is tremendously gratifying when a student finally understands.

Other Interests

Machining, Vehicle restoration, Vintage Books, Writing

Reviews (5,323)


Science - Physics - Algebra-Based

Dec 5, 2017
My tutor Mark was great. He not only helped me to understand the problems at hand, but also gave me advice for the future. Additionally, he pointed out where my textbook was wrong! I appreciate all of the help!


Science - Physics - Algebra-Based

Nov 10, 2017
He answered all my questions and helped me finish my homework


Science - Physics - Algebra-Based

Nov 7, 2017
Tutor was not explaining at my proper age/skill level and told me to brush up on my math. Not entirely helpful when I'm trying to understand these concepts.


Science - Physics - Algebra-Based

Nov 1, 2017
5 Tutors later and I still wasn't able to solve the problem but Mark was friendly and really did his best to try to help me!