Leschia M.

Leschia M.

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English, Essay Writing, Math, Mid-Level Math


Bachelors in Psychology, General from Kansas State University

Bachelors in Anthropology from Kansas State University

I Love Tutoring Because

It's awesome that I can make a difference in people's lives everyday, whether it is helping someone find a particular piece of information, making a difficult concept easier to understand, or encouraging students to have confidence in their abilities. I love online tutoring in particular because it is so accessible to students, it is easy to use, and it can connect students with tutors who might have new perspectives and approaches to solving problems. I feel that all three of these things can make students feel more positively about seeking help when they need it.

Other Interests

Jewelry, Painting, Reading, Running, Swimming, Traveling, Writing

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Async - English - Essay Writing

Nov 29, 2018
thanks to help me a lot


Async - English - Essay Writing

Nov 27, 2018
I appreciate the positive feedback. Some tutors are mean with their responses so thank you for being nice and taking your time to do review my essay.



Nov 19, 2018
tutor was hopeful



Oct 30, 2018
What I learned was not only helpful or my specific assignment but for more papers from here on out. Very helpful.