Charles B.

Charles B.

About Charles B.


Algebra, Physics


Bachelors in Physics, General from Eastern Michigan University

Career Experience

While I was studying for my degree, I began my tutoring by working as a communal tutor for the physics department in the winter of 2002. Soon after, I began my time as an online tutor in the fall of 2002. Once I finished my degree, I worked as a high school teacher for two years, teaching math and physics. I maintained my online tutoring job on the side. I have also taught at the college level for over 4 years part-time.

I Love Tutoring Because

tutoring enables me to educate and help students outside of the structure of the traditional classroom.

Other Interests

American football, Baseball, Bowling, Card collecting, Drinking Coffee, Fantasy Sports, Fishing, Gaming, Stand-Up Comedy, Video Gaming, Watching Movies

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Science - Physics - Algebra-Based

Dec 7, 2018
great resource


Math - Algebra

Nov 1, 2018
great help!!!!!!!!


Science - Physics - Algebra-Based

Oct 25, 2018
good job teaching


Math - Algebra

Oct 20, 2018
Thanks for the help. Really gave me a better understanding