Alan D.

Alan D.

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Algebra, Algebra 2, Math, Pre-Calculus, Spanish


Mathematics, General Major from Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata

Career Experience

Finishing my maths degree. Algebra is my strong suit.

I Love Tutoring Because

it's exciting to see how the knowledge is transmitted from person to person. Also that allows me to refresh all the time the most important concepts of each subject.

Other Interests

Foreign language learning, Jogging, Reading, Tennis, Traveling, Water sports

Reviews (1,263)


Math - Algebra

Oct 18, 2018
it was great!


Math - Algebra II

Oct 18, 2018
I will later, bye


Foreign Language - Spanish

Oct 16, 2018
Awesome tutor! Very helpful.


Math - Algebra II

Oct 12, 2018
I really appreciated my tutors patience with me! Math is a hard subject for me and i was glad to have someone who knows that they are doing helping me! Thanks so much!