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6th grade math knowledge map info

This virtual spinner will allow the student to model probability problems. Up to twelve different colors can be used in various proportions.

Gives some basic rules for probabilty such as mutually exclusive or disjoint

In this video, Salman Khan of Khan Academy explains probability. Part 3 of 8.

This site covers vocabulary, various scenarios, and examples.

Very detailed explanation of permuataions and combinations

Gives explanation and exercises to learn the addition rule of probability

A drawer contains 2 red socks, 8 white socks, and 10 blue socks. Without looking, you draw out a sock and then draw out a second sock without returning the first sock. Find P(red,then red).

A committee of 5 people is to be selected from 6 women and 7 men. Find the probability that a) all committee members are men.

Matt has 4 pairs of dark sock and 5 pairs of white socks. he sues them to choose his clothes for the day. First he closes his eyes and selects a pair of socks. if they are dark, he chooses dress pants. if the socks are white, he flips a coin. Heads he wears jeans and tails he wears shorts/ a. what is the probaility that matt will wear white socks to school. 5/9 b. what is the probability matt will wear shorts to school? 5/14 c. what is the probability matt will wear dress ants? 4/9 d. what is the probability matt will wear jeans with dark socks? 0% e. is matt equally likely to waer dress pants, shorts and jeans today? explain.