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Learning about limits at the high school or college level? Try our free resources for calculus students. You'll find videos to help you understand limits graphically and numerically, worksheets with limits problems to practice on, and more.
use the graph of the sequence to decide whether the sequence converges or diverges. then verify your result analytically

Need help taking the limit

lim(n->infinity) cos(n*pi)/n

Consider the following limit (Image) We can simplify this limit by rewriting it as an expression without absolute values as follows (Answer) We can then cancel off a common factor in the numerator and denominator, thus simplifying our limit to (Ans) We can then evaluate the limit directly and find that its value is (Answer)

How do I find if a function is bounded or not bounded without using a calc?

How do you find this limit of this equation:

I need help with limits of functions

Explains step by step how to use the precise (formal) definition of the limit.

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