Tutor.com Quadratic and Exponential Functions Session

Oct. 15, 2012

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Session Transcript - Math - Algebra, 9/20/2012 8:17PM - Tutor.comSession Date: 9/20/2012 8:17PM
Length: 10.5 minute(s)
Subject: Math - Algebra

System Message
[00:00:00] *** Please note: All sessions are recorded for quality control. ***

Guest (Customer)
[00:00:00] i'm not sure if my answer for this equation is correct. the question asked: to solve for the equation; find all real solutions -(x-5)^2+16=0

Scott M (Tutor)
[00:00:12] Hello. Welcome to Tutor.com

Guest (Customer)
[00:00:21] hi

Scott M (Tutor)
[00:00:31] what do you think the first step is in solving this problem?

Guest (Customer)
[00:00:53] i will put my work on the board

Scott M (Tutor)
[00:01:17] okay, great. You can pick up where I left off :)
[00:02:23] okay, wait a minute please
[00:02:48] when you divided by -1,shouldn't you do that to both sides of the equation?

Guest (Customer)
[00:03:05] yes

Scott M (Tutor)
[00:03:33] okay, glad you agree. So, what do you get when you divide -16 by -1?
[00:04:30] that's much better..
[00:05:27] good job!
[00:05:31] that's one of the answers
[00:06:26] since -4 squared can also be equal to 16 you have to solve for that also
[00:06:40] does that make sense?

Guest (Customer)
[00:06:49] yes

Scott M (Tutor)
[00:07:03] oh, I see you got that one too!
[00:07:07] good job!
[00:07:18] does it make sense to you now?

Guest (Customer)
[00:07:46] yes-thank you SO much! i always get these questions wrong

Scott M (Tutor)
[00:08:06] well, you got it right this time!
[00:08:17] practice makes perfect on these problems
[00:08:38] you have to be careful with the signs. that is what seems to trip a lot of people up
[00:09:08] if you have no further questions, I will end the session
[00:09:33] please fill out the survey so we know how to better serve you in the future. Thanks!
[00:09:57] goodnight!