Pyramids and Cones

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A website with diagrams explaining what a pyramid is, parts of a pyramid, types of pyramids, and formulas for pyramid-related calculations.

An explanation of how to build a frustum (a cone with the tip cut off).

A helpful scientific calculator that runs in your web browser window.

Shows 3-D diagram of the 4 types of conic sections. Explains how to use determinant to establish the type of section.

Given the drawings of several 3-dimensional shapes identify the names of each. Answers included.

This site goes over some common pyramids and then shows the number of faces, vertices and edges. Interactive Video!

This site disucsses the important parts of cones and pyramids (lateral face, bace, slant height, altitude height) and provides formulas for finding the surface area and volume of each. There are also practice problems with solutions for the user to try on his/her own.

An explanation of how to build a cone out of flat material

A site that explains the formula for the lateral surface of a cone.

A website that explains what a cone is and provides formulas for various aspects of cones (e.g., surface area, volume).