Living Organisms

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Includes information to help you complete your animal project. Has animals from alligators to zebras - see pictures of animals, hear the sounds they make, and more.

An extensive collection of links to various organizations an publications related to animals, including links to information about specific species.

This webpage has information and excellent pictures of invertebrates. Some of the invertebrates featured include the Sea Urchin, Portuguese Man-of-War, and the Starfish.

A review of the Linnaean system of classification used in the biological sciences to describe and categorize all living things.

I admit this website is not well organized, BUT it has HILARIOUS pictures and diagrams of photosynthesis. The tree-hugger girl picture and its caption is uproarious. This site may help convince students the importance of photosynthesis when they complain how boring it is.

This website is clean and ad-free with short textbook modules on the different aspects of photosynthesis. It may be boring looking, but it gets straight to the point and has a self quiz at the end.

This site includes information on the various classes in kingdom of Animalia. Student can find pictures, specimens, sounds and classification information on a variety of species.

Website summary of diffusion and osmosis with diagrams and interactive questions on each topic

To help you practice differentiating between biotic and abiotic!

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