Scott R.

Scott R.

About Scott R.


Algebra, Algebra 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry


Bachelors in Mathematics, General from Ball State University

Masters in Education, General from Indiana Wesleyan University

Career Experience

I am a high school math teacher in Indiana. I have taught for 11 years various subjects from Pre-Algebra through Calculus. Before teaching I worked with computers. I managed the computer systems for a manufacturing company and for a healthcare practice.

I Love Tutoring Because

I enjoy helping others understand concepts in mathematics. I believe everyone has the potential to grasp, what can often be, complex ideas. It just takes someone to take the time to listen and offer explainations that make sense. I enjoy hearing someone say "Oh, I get it now!" It makes my day!

Other Interests

Cooking, Drama, Hiking, Singing

Reviews (941)


Math - Algebra II

Feb 19, 2018
thanks for the help


Math - Geometry

Feb 19, 2018
Helped me understand a problem.


Math - Algebra II

Feb 18, 2018
gives excellent teaching tools


Math - Pre-Calculus

Feb 11, 2018
I wanted to book a private lesson locally