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Algebra, Algebra 2, Chemistry, Economics, Geometry, Math, Mid-Level Math, Physics, Trigonometry


Bachelors in Engineering, General from Memorial University of Newfoundland

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Business - Introductory Economics

Dec 19, 2018
My window became unreadable after a while. I don't know why.


Math - Mid-Level (Grades 7-8)

Dec 13, 2018
Nice tutors


Math - Mid-Level (Grades 7-8)

Dec 13, 2018
My tutor was so patient with me and taught me how to solve the growth rate of the HIV medicine market in Kenya for my last MBA class. I was under the great pressure due to significant amount of research I need to do. Learners, you have to go to this excellent tutor. You will get a great help!! Thank you so much. You don't how happy I am now! Arigatou gozaimashita!


Science - Chemistry

Dec 10, 2018
He was Great and took time to explain well