Gonzalo D.

Gonzalo D.

About Gonzalo D.


Economics, Statistics


Bachelors in Economics, General from Universidad Nacional de Cuyo

Career Experience

I have been studying economics for 5 years. Also I have been tutoring at my university in different subjects such as statistics and introductory economics. I'm really interested in game theory; I'm doing my thesis in this field.

I Love Tutoring Because

it lets you help students to succeed in their exams, and they are always thankful for our work. I also love the way of teaching that Tutor.com offers.

Other Interests

Backpacking, Book collecting, Cycling, Drinking Coffee, Foreign language learning, Gymnastics, Parkour, Photography, Sports

Reviews (416)


Business - Introductory Economics

Aug 2, 2018
Outstanding service!


Business - Introductory Economics

Jul 25, 2018
He is very patient and helpful.


Business - Introductory Economics

Jul 21, 2018
Tutor is outstanding!!


Math - Quantitative Reasoning

Jul 9, 2018
thank you for helping me