Cindy J.

Cindy J.

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Essay Writing


Bachelors in Elementary Education and Teaching from University of Michigan-Flint

Masters in Education, General from Marygrove College

Career Experience

I started out as a K - 12 substitute teacher before obtaining a full-time teaching position. I have had full-time positions in every core subject through 8th grade and several at the high school level. Professionally, I have written chapters for the Georgia State Social Studies review book and standardized assessment items for numerous states. Currently, I facilitate future teachers as they complete their student teaching courses.

I Love Tutoring Because

one of the best ways to learn something is to teach it. I believe the learning is reciprocal through every person who requests help from

Other Interests

Gardening, Genealogy, Traveling

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Async - English - Essay Writing - College Level

Nov 20, 2018
Thank you! This is a very convenient service and is easy to use, the feedback was helpful and encouraging, as well as quick!


Async - English - Essay Writing - College Level

Nov 17, 2018
Thank you for your help and feedback. I appreciate it. I will revise and submit another copy.


English - Essay Writing - College Level

Nov 17, 2018
I really enjoyed how the tutor allow me to look for the answer myself by pointing out the problem. After finding the problem she explained how the correction should be used in sentences.


English - Essay Writing - College Level

Nov 15, 2018
She was amazing and deserves a raise! So sweet and extremely improved my paper by her helpful comments! Loved her!