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If you’re a critical reader and can find the purpose, occasion and audience of any and all pieces of poetry, you are the perfect candidate for the SAT Literature Subject Test. Could you interpret the themes and meanings of texts all day? Are you a stand-out English student who reads and writes for their own enjoyment? Perfect your literary skills with and put them on display during the SAT Literature Subject Test.

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The SAT subject tests are extremely beneficial for college bound students, they even have the ability to grant college credit in certain courses! Along with potential benefits, the subject tests elicit extra studying and academic time. Our SAT English literature tutors can help you get organized and ready for the test. Master your literary skills with us and prove your literary strength to your top colleges (and get a head start on the rest of the applicants!).


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Analyzing and dissecting a poem has never been easier. You’ll connect to an expert SAT English Literature Subject Test tutor in our online classroom, where you can upload any papers or files into the online classroom and you and your SAT literature tutor will work through assignments and questions together. You can discuss potential themes using the chat feature and work on any and all practice problems.

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