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Our one-to-one targeted approach to tutoring makes English and social studies easier to understand. Why? Because when you ask a specific question, you get help on that exact question!

Our tutors can help you research, organize, outline or proofread your assignment until it’s ready to turn in. Our English and social studies tutors are experts, and will help you.

Our online classroom is equipped with all the tools you need, including an interactive whiteboard, instant chat, and file-sharing with real-time review for your essays and drafts.

"Whoa, I need a LOT of help studying for a test!" Have a test on iambic pentameter tomorrow? Not sure of the themes from Of Mice and Men? Our tutors can help you review the exam material and even offer feedback and discussions on books you've been reading. Review any questions you have about literature, grammar, or reading comprehension with our tutors, and you'll feel ready for your next exam.

"I need to find sources for my research paper." Your tutor can help you find and properly cite material for your research paper or report. Using shared web browsing, you’ll learn how to make sure your sources are reliable, and you’ll have a record of every link visited in your transcript.

"I think I’m done—can you help me proofread?" Want to make sure your essay or paper answers the question and is free of errors? You can have a tutor proofread your assignment before you turn it in. Your tutor will let you know if you got it right, or if it needs more work.

Every Grade and Skill Level

Our tutors cover every skill level, from elementary school to the introductory college level. We can help with English topics including grammar, vocabulary, literature, and essay writing. We can help with social studies topics U.S. history, world history and research papers. Whether you're still learning the basics or mastering more difficult concepts, our tutors are ready to help!

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