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Having trouble keeping the Laws of Motion in Newtonian Mechanics straight? Want a better understanding of fluid mechanics and thermal physics before the exam? We have you covered. With tutors online 24/7, you connect to an expert tutor at Tutor.com the moment you need help.

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Getting help is easy at Tutor.com. Our tutors are available online 24/7. So, even if it’s the last hour before your test, you can still get help understanding what defines linear momentum as a vector quantity. Confused by Kinematics at midnight? No problem. There’s always an expert tutor ready to help you with your specific questions around your schedule.

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Our tutors are the best of the best. From Ph.D.’s to Ivy Leagues, our tutors have real-life experience using and teaching physics. With degrees in physics from esteemed colleges like Brown University, UNC-Chapel Hill and UC Berkeley, they have a deep understanding of all the material. From linear momentum and work-energy theorem to the laws of motion, they know it all. 

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You’ll work one-to-one with an AP Physics B tutor in our online classroom. Tools like an interactive whiteboard, file sharing and chat make it easy to work through questions about torque and rotational statics, angular momentum and more. Our tutors can help you with a variety of topics and will work at your pace. Need to cover oscillations, gravitation and systems of particles in one session? No problem. Or spend more time understanding the basics of circular motion and rotation. You ask the questions, our tutors make sure you understand the answers.    

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Whether you’re studying for an exam on rotational Kinematics and dynamics or need extra help with vector algebra homework, our tutors can help.  Find an AP Physics B tutor.

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