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It’s hard enough to understand the meaning of a derivative. Adding in modeling a physical situation with a functional, differential equation or integral makes AP Calculus AB a killer. With words like asymptotic and anti-differentiation flooding your textbook, it's easy to get lost. Get a grasp on your grades and take advantage of Tutor.com’s 24/7 tutoring. 

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Our tutors are the best of the best—advanced degrees in mathematics and Ivy League credentials from colleges like Brown and Columbia are just a snapshot of their experience. We know everyone learns differently, so our tutors are skilled at providing personalized help to address your specific questions.

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Get help from our tutors for all of your homework questions. From computation of derivatives to u-substitution, our tutors know it all.  Studying for tomorrow’s AP Calculus AB exam at midnight? Need someone to explain how to use implicit differentiation to find the derivative of an inverse function during the weekend? No problem. Our tutors are online 24/7 to help you. Learn about applications of integrals, derivatives as functions and unbounded behavior on your schedule. 

Advanced Online Classroom

You’ll work with an expert tutor in our interactive online classroom. Every session is personalized and one-to-one. We have all the tools you need to work through complex Advanced Placement Calculus problems. Analyze graphs alongside your tutor using our interactive whiteboard or chat about the techniques of antiderivatives. Best of all, share files of homework you’ve already started on and check your work. 

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Understanding numerical approximations, definite integrals and modeling rates is possible. Find an AP Calculus AB tutor now and start getting better grades.

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