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Hi=) I was given a lesson on functions and i am having a little trouble with it so it would be great if u could help. thanks in advance=)

need help with math

i need help multiplying rational expressions

factoring polynomials

Using this virtual manipulative you may: * Graph a function * Trace a point along the graph * Dynamically vary function parameters * Change the range of values displayed in the graph * Graph multiple functions * Restrict the domain of a function * Zoom in on a region of the graph

An overview of how to handle exponents on polynomials

This is a great page going over the theorems about how many roots a polynomial has and how to find the real and complex roots. Has great examples that only reveal the answers as you scroll over them.

This website contains a program where you can put a Polynomial Long Division problem in and it will show you the steps of how to solve the problem. This is good to check problems you might be having trouble with.

How to find the roots of polynomial equations

Explains the Rational Root Theorem for finding zeros of polynomials.

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