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I will write it on the board.

need help with a polynomial expression

can you help me factor this problem: 3x^2+23x+30? I can factor when x doesn't have a number and l is understood

Find two polynomials that meet each condition: the sum has degree 4 and the product has degree 6

Can you run through the system of equations substitution method?

help me with understanding about adding and subtracting rational expressions

could you help me with this please [ File > http://lhh.tutor.com/SharedSessionFiles/9f5648ac-6244-4821-87b4-5be6b373a076_adaptive.docx ]

given a polynomial and one of its factors, find the remaining factors of the polynomial. 2x^3-5x^2-28x+15 ; x+3

I have a math problem of adding polynomials and combining like term that involve fractions and I cannot figure out how to do it.

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