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can you help me with some questions?

see picture

determine which of the relations are functions- {(-2, 7), (-1,5), (0,3), (1,1), (2,1)}

There's a certain part in functions that im not familiar with. Domains and ranges, i don't understand them.

A function is like a machine: it has an input and an output.

Using this virtual manipulative you may: * Graph a function * Trace a point along the graph * Dynamically vary function parameters * Change the range of values displayed in the graph * Graph multiple functions * Restrict the domain of a function * Zoom in on a region of the graph

A step by step tutorial, with detailed solutions, on how to find the domain and range of real valued functions is presented. First the definitions of these two concepts are presented. A table of domain and range of basic functions might be useful to answer the questions below.

Graphing cubic functions. Any function of the form f(x) = x3 is referred to as a cubic function.

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