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These free resources can help you simplify, expand, solve, and evaluate algebraic expressions. Download a worksheet, watch a video, or play an interactive game to build your skills.
This video includes sample problems and step-by-step explanations of binomial simplification for the California Standards Test.

Test your skills at simplifying algebraic expressions and then check your answers at this site.

Algebra Terms

A helpful scientific calculator that runs in your web browser window.

This video includes sample problems and step-by-step explanations of simplifying expressions for the California Standards Test.

Excellent site showing examples of algebra, trig, calculus, differential equations, and linear algebra.

This page starts with a basic description of Algebra and discusses the basic operations, and their order.

Definition of the Distributive Rule, with examples and interactive step-by-step solutions of multiple problems

The basic symbols and steps to solve a one variable algebra equation.

This algebra reference sheet contains the following algebraic operations addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It also contains associative, commutative, and distributive properties. There are example of arithmetic operations as well as properties of exponents, radicals, inequalities, absolute values, complex numbers, logarithms, and polynomials. This sheet also contains many common factoring examples. There is a description of the quadratic equation as well as step by step instruction to complete the square.

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