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These free resources can help you simplify, expand, solve, and evaluate algebraic expressions. Download a worksheet, watch a video, or play an interactive game to build your skills.
Quiz on Polynomials, Factoring, and Exponential Expressions

An overview of the steps of simplifying a problem

An introduction to how to solve word problems

Description of direct variation and the constant of variation; with a graph and related question

Notes on how to FOIL to expand binomial x binomial.

Interactive game on solving simple algebraic expressions with 2 or 3 terms, but no parenthesis or brackets or powers.

Notes and practice problems on negative and fractional exponents

Review your math as you progress from one marking period to the next.

Shows examples and explains how to set up word problems that ask to find the age of a person now, or in the future.

This lesson will explain how to simplify the negative exponents in a problem like a^2b^-2.

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