Tutor.com Introduces New Learning Suite to Better Serve Students and Adults

K-12 Student Center, College Center and Adult Career Center now available at thousands of libraries

NEW YORK, July 9, 2009 - Tutor.com (www.tutor.com) launched the new Tutor.com Learning Suite today to thousands of libraries, corporations, colleges and schools across the country. After almost a decade of offering one-to-one, online tutoring and homework help, Tutor.com's expanded product suite includes services for K-12 students, college students and adults who are returning to school or job searching. Along with the award-winning Live Homework Help® program, students of any age can now obtain real-time writing assistance and resume help using the ProofPointTM Real Time Writing Center and access to vetted resources in the 24/7 SkillsCenterTM Resource Library.

Expanded Services for K-12 and College Students

Included in the Learning Suite is the newly designed K-12 Student Center and College Center which features Tutor.com's award-winning one-to-one, online and on-demand tutoring and homework help service; ProofPoint for real-time writing assistance; and, the SkillsCenter with thousands of vetted resources that are available 24/7, searchable by keyword or subject and rated by the community of users. The resources include step-by-step tutorials, practice exams, study tips and help with standardized exams such as college and graduate school entrance exams. Resources from Texas Instruments, Math Forum@Drexel University and other organizations are included in the center.

Help for Adults during Hard Times

The Tutor.com Adult Career Center includes one-to-one help designed for adults who are conducting a job search and need help with resume strategies as well as writing a resume or polishing a cover letter. A new and unique proofreading service, ProofPoint allows adults to have their writing reviewed one-to-one with a tutor in real-time, rather than waiting a day or longer for a marked copy to be returned via email. Adults may also access the new SkillsCenter 24/7 to find resume guidelines, job search guidance and interview tips.

Beyond job search, the Adult Career Center will help students preparing for the GED or going back to school with one-to-one assistance in math, science, social studies and English. Adults getting ready for the Citizenship test may connect to a social studies or English tutor to prepare for that test or use resources from the SkillsCenter to find practice exams, how to register for the test and more.

Powering this suite are exciting new technologies delivered in an interactive, online classroom built using Microsoft® SilverlightTM technology and designed for learning with an interactive whiteboard featuring a large collection of drag and drop tools for math and science sessions, the ability to share documents and browse web resources in real-time with a tutor.