Tutor.com and Do Something Ask Students to Teach Something

Tutor.com Supports Education Projects with $5,000 worth of Grants

NEW YORK, October 22, 2008 - Tutor.com, the #1 online tutoring and homework help service announced today that they're partnering with Do Something, a national not-for-profit that encourages teens to take action in their communities, to launch Teach Something Grants. Tutor.com will give ten students $500 each to support their efforts to make a difference in education issues.

A recent survey at www.tutor.com found that education is the most important issue during this year's presidential election for 65% of the students who responded. Now, students have the opportunity to demonstrate just how they'd change education in their communities for the better by applying for a Teach Something Grant at www.dosomething.org from October 20 through December 15, 2008. Students are encouraged to pick projects that are focused on their community and make a measurable as well as lasting impact.

"When I founded Tutor.com, my goal was to make a disruptive change in education by offering a completely new model of academic support and tutoring – instant connections to professional tutors 24/7," said George Cigale, founder and CEO of Tutor.com. "We're proud to team up with Do Something and help students achieve their own dreams. We can't wait to see their ideas and the impact they'll have in their communities."

"Teens are passionate, innovative, and powerful," said Aria Finger, Chief Marketing Officer of DoSomething.org. "And Tutor.com understands that. I'm thrilled to partner with them and give these young people the tools they need to make a difference around the issue that is most important to them."

Any student who visits www.dosomething.org can get a special free 30 minutes of online tutoring at Tutor.com. Students can find an algebra tutor, chemistry tutor and much more.

About Tutor.com

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About Do Something

Do Something believes teenagers have the power to make a difference. We leverage communications technologies to enable teens to convert their ideas and energy into positive action. We inspire, empower and celebrate a generation of doers: teenagers who recognize the need to do something, believe in their ability to get it done, and then take action. Plug in at www.dosomething.org.