Tutor Spotlight: Kenneth F.

Writing books, flying planes and tutoring physics—he does it all.

Tutor.com is proud to have such a diverse and accomplished group of tutors. Kenneth F. is a science tutor with a PhD in physics and also an accomplished author. That’s not all—in his words: “It’s o.k. if you mention my age since you probably don’t have too many 83-year-old tutors.”

Besides tutoring, Kenneth has another life-long passion: “Flying small planes and gliders was my passion for 50 years. After I stopped flying a few years ago, I detoured from physics long enough to write a book called In Love with Flying.”

What brought you to Tutor.com? How long have you been here?
My friend Gary White, who heads the Society of Physics Students at the American Institute of Physics, drew my attention to Tutor.com in the fall of 2007. I was retired from a career that included both college and high-school physics teaching, and was looking for a way to stay connected to students, so I signed up and have been tutoring since December 2007.

What is the most rewarding part of tutoring?
The VARIETY. Every session is different, and most are challenging. It’s wonderful when the student “gets it” and shows appreciation.

Who are your favorite authors?
Sea of Poppies by Amitav Ghosh. A book I much enjoyed this summer. Jane Austen’s Emma was also a delight. I am reading the classics right now.

Is there anything you’d like say to the folks who help provide Tutor.com’s service to their communities?
It is a tremendous thing to provide this free online tutoring. I’m very impressed that libraries offer this as part of the suite of services they provide.

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