Classroom Features FAQ


Q: How do I communicate with my tutor?

The Classroom features a chat interface and an interactive Whiteboard, both of which can be used by both tutor and student to communicate. You also have the option of communicating via our Voice feature within the session.

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Q: How do I draw on the Whiteboard?

Select one of the drawing tools at the bottom of the Whiteboard. You can draw lines, circles, rectangles, polygons or freehand. You can also type, fill, erase or use the laser pointer to show something to your tutor.

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Q: Can I erase things from the Whiteboard?

Yes. You can undo your last action, cut the object from the Whiteboard with the Scissor tool, or erase it with the Eraser tool.

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Q: How do I look through previous Whiteboards and add new ones?

To see your Whiteboards, click the arrows in the bottom right corner of the interface. To add a new blank Whiteboard, click the "Add Whiteboard" button at the top of the Classroom.


Q: Can I work on lined or graph paper on the Whiteboard?

Yes. Just click the Graph Paper icon to the right of the Text tool to choose a new overlay for the Whiteboard.

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Q: How do I share a file or document with my tutor?

Click the "Share File" button at the top of the Classroom and select the document you want to share from your computer. We accept the following file types: .DOC, .DOCX, .PDF, .PPT, .TXT, .XLS

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Q: Can I add formulas, equations, or 3D shapes to the Whiteboard?

A vast library of Whiteboard objects are available to click and drag to the Whiteboard. Just click the Objects button to bring up the menu.

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Q: Can I change the look of my Avatar?

Yes! Click the "Customize" button at the top of the Classroom to select from a wide array of avatar images.

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Q: Am I able to print a transcript of my session?

You can print the transcript of your session any time by clicking the Print button at the top of the Classroom. You can also review and print the session later by going to your Account page and viewing your previous sessions.

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Q: How can I use audio to communicate with my tutor?

You can use voice over IP (VOIP) or your telephone to speak to your tutor during the session. If using VOIP, you must have Adobe Flash installed for your browser and you must give it permission to use your microphone. To start audio, click the "Turn On Audio" button at the top of the chat box and follow the directions for your preferred method of communication.

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