How Benefits Employees and Families

We cover 2.5 million lives. Here are a few of their stories.

The Baqui Family

Maliha is homeschooling her two children and was concerned about their writing skills. " is an awesome service. It is very beneficial to my family and helping my wife with homeschooling." Read more.

The Graybeal Family

Jeff and Nadine are working and earning college degrees while their two children are tackling daily homework. " is like having an extra parent." Read more.

The Le Family

After growing up in Vietnam, Annie found her daughter’s American education very different and spent many hours understanding the homework. "I would have had to pay for outside tutoring, so this is a great benefit". Read more.

The Reich Family

As a single dad, Travis was excited to have his son move back in between his junior and senior year of high school. But, he was worried he wouldn’t graduate on time. "...with the help of he shocked the principal by graduating on time with his classmates." Read more.

The Wu Family

Henne feels relieved that her son is finishing his math homework while she’s still in the office. "The whole family benefits." Read more.