A message from Tutor.com in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic

We are here to help.

Let me begin by saying, I hope you and yours are safe and healthy. It is a disruptive time, a different world.

As schools and libraries across the country temporarily close, transition to online delivery, or develop "learn from home" lesson plans, many within our communities are facing anxiety about the changes and the unknown. This includes everyone from students to parents to staff and faculty. We get it and we want you to know, we got you.

As a student-focused, mission-driven organization, we are well experienced in adapting to emergent needs.  We have established an emergency response team to expedite planning, implementation, and access to 1:1 on-demand online tutoring and homework help. Also, in light of the still-developing situation of the COVID-19 pandemic and federal, state and local recommendations for social distancing, we are offering flexible short-term programs 

With 3,000 highly effective expert tutors, rest assured that we have the capacity to scale to meet your needs. The vast majority of our tutors, management and staff work from home on a regular basis and therefore, the support we provide to students and to our partners can and will continue without interruption while our staff is able to remain in the safe and technologically-suitable environment of their home.

Know that we are here for you to help in any way we can.  If your college, university, K-12 school or library has closed its on-the-ground operations and are transitioning to online delivery of courses or services, or "Learn from Home" models for your students, please let us know what you need.

Warm Regards,


  Sandi White

 Sandi White

 General Manager & Vice President

 Tutor.com / The Princeton Review