How to Convince Your Parents to Get

Now that you’ve decided is best way to get help with your schoolwork, you need to convince your parents to pay for it. Don’t worry, we can help with that, too.

We know parents sometimes need a little bit of convincing to whip out the credit card, so we put together a handy list of reasons why your parents will love as much as you do.

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The Top Ten Reasons Your Parents Should Get for You

  1. You’ll get one-to-one help from a tutor whenever you want
    We have professional tutors available 24/7, and you never need an appointment.
  2. Our tutors will never just give you the answer
    Tutors will guide you, work through examples, and help you step-by-step, but they will NEVER just give you the answer.
  3. Your parents will never have to drive you to meet with your tutor is completely online. You connect and work with your tutor in our secure, online classroom.
  4. Every tutor is qualified, screened and background checked
    You’ll get access to the best tutors available, and your parents will know you’re completely safe.
  5. You can connect to your favorite tutors
    All of our tutors are great, but you might have a few favorites. You can get in line for a favorite, or get the next available tutor who can help.
  6. You can review or replay your entire session anytime
    A complete transcript & video of your online tutoring session is available online.
  7. You’ll get your homework done, and done correctly, every day without an argument
    Since you’ll have more than 2,000 tutors available to help you, you’ll never have to skip a problem on your homework.
  8. Every session is satisfaction guaranteed
    If your session doesn’t meet our high standard of quality, we’ll credit your session.
  9. You get access to every subject for one low, monthly price
    Need help with Math homework today, and someone to proofread an English paper tomorrow? No problem. You can connect to
  10. You’ll clean your room, take out the trash and walk the dog without being asked
    This is your education. It’s really important, and it will last you a lifetime. If they get you, you can help out a little around the house. Can’t you?

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