Paperwork?  Check.

Thank you for your forms!  The next step involves authorizing us to perform your Background Check, as well as the completion of your student-facing Tutor Profile.


The Background Check Phase


Any educator will understand the importance of ensuring the safety and security of our students.  For that reason, requires all of our incoming tutor applicants to authorize and pass both an educational history verification and a criminal violation screening.

Through our partnership with Checkr, the process to authorize and initate the background check is as easy as filling out a brief online form!

Within 2 business days of confirmed receipt of your paperwork, you should receive an email from us advising you of a login and password with which you can sign into their site and complete the online form.

* If it has been more than 2 days - check your E-Mail client's Spam or Junk folders for the message.  If there is no sign of it anywhere, contact Tutor Support using the Background Check category code.


Once you've authorized the background check to begin, we should have results within 7 business days.  It may take a little longer if there is an extensive education history to verify, or if you have lived in multiple places over the last few years.

If Checkr or require any further information to finalize the check, we will reach out and let you know.


Creating Your Tutor Profile


While you wait for your Background Check to be completed, you should complete your Tutor Profile. Please reference this handy guide to create your profile now.

All of our students have the ability to match up to the first available tutor in an On-Demand Session, but some of them can also browse from a list of profiles and choose to Schedule an Appointment Session with a specific tutor.

The following will be on display when the student views your Profile (items which you must complete at this stage are in red.)

  • First Name, Last Initial
  • Photo
  • Subjects
  • Education (you gave this information on the initial application)
  • Career Experience
  • "I love tutoring because..."
  • Other Interests
  • Reviews from students (once you've had a few!)

To enter the bolded information for the first time, or if you need to go back later and make edits, visit this page on the Applicant Dashboard.

All Profile submissions are subject to Quality Control approval.  If your Profile entries are rejected, it is typically for one of the following reasons:

  • Photo is low-quality or includes other people/distracting background elements or your face is obscured (large hat, sunglasses, etc).  The ideal photo focuses on your face!
  • Spelling, grammar, syntax, or other issues with the copy you have provided.
  • Inappropriate material within the entries you have provided.

If you are having trouble getting your Profile approved, or have any questions, feel free to contact Tutor Support.


Resources & Reference Materials


    • Your Mock Session went well, but it never hurts to practice!  Why not take another look at the Practice video?
    • Available now - our 20-question Final Self-Check Quiz. It's a quick self-guided look at some relevant policy and procedure questions. Incorrect answers are explained and the test is ungraded.
    • You can visit the Tutor Support page for a look at our Knowledge Base of common applicant inquries, or if you need to contact the Tutor Support team.
    • Previous Applicant Central pages: CI&I Preparation, Subject Exams