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Affordable Learning and Career Services for Your Library

Make a smart decision during a tough time with When budgets are tight and you or your staff are overwhelmed with customers' needs, can help. is one of the few services that truly helps your entire community with what they need most—one-to-one help writing resumes and finding a job, and high-quality after-school help from expert tutors in more than 30 subjects to prepare students for college or just get through the evening’s assignment. is available from anywhere—online at the library, from home, or on any mobile device with our mobile app for Apple devices and HTML5 classroom for all other devices, including Android. Your customers will never be far from your library’s services. And the best news is that with’s new pricing packages, we guarantee a program that will fit your budget.

We can help you serve kids and teens, college students and adult learners and job seekers in your community.

An Experienced, Trusted Partner

  • Over 2,300 libraries offer
  • Nearly 3,000 screened, background-checked, professional tutors
  • Flexible, sustainable pricing
  • Over 10 million sessions served
  • High-quality, one-to-one tutoring
  • Statewide programs in Alaska, Alabama, Louisiana, Rhode Island, Montana and North Dakota
  • 24/7 program for U.S. Military families worldwide
  • 96% of students would recommend to a friend

High-Quality, Targeted Tutoring

We guarantee that our tutors customize their approach depending on the needs of the patron, providing personalized help—never just answers. This targeted tutoring approach builds student confidence and autonomy, so when faced with a similar problem the student has the skills needed to solve it. The results: students have more confidence, turn in more completed assignments and improve their grades.

A Suite of Services for Libraries

We'll create a customized program for your library that combines our award-winning Student Center, College Center and Career Center, and includes:

  • One-to-one academic support
  • Real-time writing help
  • Resume review and certified career tips from Career Solvers and other job search pros
  • Online tutoring
  • GED prep
  • Thousands of vetted academic resources, including ones from Texas Instruments, Khan Academy, and other top education companies

The Learning Suite is easy to implement and easy to access with one-click links from your library's website.

One-of-a-Kind Support and Reporting

A dedicated client services manager will oversee your program, and you'll have 24/7 access to a client website with professionally designed promotional materials and community outreach tools. Plus, you'll receive detailed monthly reports with usage metrics and unedited comments from your community.

Flexible Pricing for Your Budget

Our affordable pricing is sustainable year after year for your library. We will create a custom program that meets your communities’ needs with your budget by combining one-to-one, online tutoring sessions with 24/7 unlimited access to resources. Supports Public Libraries

We are proud to support public libraries through ongoing advocacy work, participation at local and national conferences and membership in library organizations, including the American Library Association.

Reach your whole community with the Learning Suite. Contact a sales rep to get a custom program and price quote for your library.