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Academics Are Our Top Priority is committed to providing every student who uses with the highest quality educational experience available, online. We take quality tutoring seriously and promise that every tutoring session is conducted according to these core principles.

Every tutoring session is guaranteed one-to-one

Every student deserves the full attention of the tutor during their tutoring session. We feel strongly that the most effective tutoring is when both the student and tutor work one-to-one. Other online tutoring services think it's okay for a tutor to juggle multiple students at the same time, but that's something that we just won't do. guarantees that every tutoring session is truly one-to-one.

Tutors use your specific problem to teach you the concepts tutors work with students on their specific problem until it's done and they really understand the concepts. Our goal is not only to solve the problem at hand, but also to make sure students are able to tackle future problems on their own. provides a safe, anonymous environment for learning

Because tutors can only see the student's first name and do not have access to any other identifying information, students can feel safe using the service and are free to ask whatever questions they have without being embarrassed.

Tutors will never just give a student the answer believes that tutoring works best when targeted to a student’s specific, immediate need. Our tutors help students solve the problem at hand, and they’ll work step-by-step to make sure students really understand the material. The will never just give a student the answer, ever.