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Students, schools and libraries choose to provide online tutoring and learning solutions that are high-quality, safe and affordable. Here's what a few of them have to say about us:

Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark, NJ at the launch of HomeworkHelp NJ which is now in its second year: "This is a program that provides real value to the community. By helping kids do better in school, we boost their confidence and ensure that they stay engaged in academics, instead of the activity on the streets. This is the kind of programming we need more of, and the kind of public-private partnerships that I encourage."


Education Service Center, Region 20, in a letter supporting's i3 grant proposal: "It is clear from the usage statistics, session transcripts and post-session comments that students who used online tutoring have benefitted greatly from this service. Online tutoring enables them to master complex concepts, complete homework accurately, and feel better prepared to perform well in tests." Read the letter.


Cathy Deane, Deputy Director for Public Services for the Mt. Prospect Public Library, IL. As told to the Chicago Tribune: “This program ( is individualized to help every student be successful in school, whether the child is an honor student tackling new concepts or an [English language learning] student who needs help developing his or her reading and writing skills.”


What Students Say About

Over 90% of students who use would recommend it to a friend. Enjoy some of the post-session comments that students have left immediately after their tutoring sessions.

The help is great - i have really had more confidence in my work and my grades on tests have increased and also on my assignments and i used to have a C- 78% in the class and now i have an A 92%.

10th Grade Geometry Student

this is the best website i've been to that has excellent tutors that help you on homework. By using you'll improve your grades and give you confidence when you have a test or when your going over your homework in class

8th Grade Algebra Student

Thanks! I had a math test tomorrow and was worried about getting a bad grade. But I'm more confident now.The tutor was great.

8th Grade Math Student

I've had many great experiences while using and this past session had to be one of the greatests! My tutor, Nicholas S was very intelligent and was able to solve the problem through manipulation and skill! I was very impressed! He taught me step-by-step, answered all my questions, and reassured me. If not for him, I'd probably spend another couple of hours just trying to figure out this one problem! I absolutely love!

11th Grade Trigonometry Student

i feel like i can go into school tomorrow improved. i can show my teacher that i understand everything and i feel confidant when i have homework and tests thank you for the program your my hero

6th Grade Math Student

This was a HUGE help. I have been struggling with physics ALL year and finally understanding and getting a good grade was such a relief.

11th Grade Physics Student

I thought the tutoring helped me guide through my homework and improved grades! They helped me understand.

6th Grade Math Student

The tutoring class and the tutors are very helpful. I'm glad they started this program. They have helped me complete many homework assignment or they have atleast helped me with them and understand them. Just by using this tutor site some of my grades have went up. I really thank all the tutors and everything.

7th Grade Physics Student

i am really glad that i am able to use this =) this really helps me to finish my homework when i don't understand, help me remember things i've learned in class that i've forgot, and get better grades. =D This is very helpful and i luv it.

8th Grade Algebra Student

I got help for an hour and my tutor I had really helped me understand everything I was having trouble with and now I am getting better grades because I am understanding it!

8th Grade Math Student

it really helped me understand the problem alot better! I will be back for more help because these tutors help me with my work and my grades are starting to go back up again! Thank alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Algebra Student

I feel more confident at school after using this program and my grades have drastically improved

11th Grade Algebra II Student is really good. i get my homework done,i improved my grades and i am more confident in school

12th Grade Algebra Student

I really enjoy this. This program is very helpful and the tutors are awesome! I have completed my assignments using this program and have recieved totally awesome grades. It has helped build confidence, since calulus is rather difficult and not one of my strongest subjects. This program is really great and especially recommendable!

12th Grade Calculus Student

I think online tutoring is great! I wish I would have found out about this a long time ago! My grades have shot up and so has my confidents! Thanks online tutoring.

6th Grade English Student

Live homework help is EXCELLENT i feel more confident when i walk into 3rd hour (math) the grade where i have been getting a C- went up to a B !!!!! In Just 3 weeks Amazing? i no THANK YOU SO MUCH HOME*WORK HELP!! i AM recommending you to my friends!!

6th Grade Math Student

Once again, questions solved!! :) Thanks to you, im much more confident in Geometry. My grade is proof of what a great program this is!

Geometry Student

It's really a pleasure to use this service. It helps me on my homework which then leads to higher grades on tests and quizzes. I can't count the times the service has clarified lessons!

11th Grade Chemistry Student

Robert Was Probably the best turor I've gotten so far he explained thing to me in a way I understood and he didnt give me the answer he made me work for it, It helped to me understand the problem alot better. Thank you!!

9th Grade Earth Science Student

My tutor was super patient and amazing. Eric helped me with not only science, but the quadratic formula, and was STILL patient even though I gave him 719287321978 (exaggerated) different wrong answers. Eric didn't do the problem for me, he helped me come up with formulas and plug in the numbers. And for being almost 3 AM, I got a lot done and I understand the problems much better. Thank you!

Physics Student

This is an excellent tool. It's so helpful and it really gives me confidence. I can get the help I need on homework and really understand things.

11th Grade Chemistry Student

I really like that the tutor doesn't make me feel dumb, and i appreciate the fact that they don't just give you the answer, but they help you understand the process of finding it. so thank you. :)

11th Grade Geometry Student

I loved my tutor. She didn't tell me the answer straighout, but she helped me understand the answers. :)

11th Grade Social Studies Student

I was commpletely unaware of adverbs. I didn't understand them, let alone find them and use them. But then my tutor helped me understand and I was much more confident when faced with adverbs and identifying parts of speech. Thank you! :)

5th Grade English Student

I think this is great i Love it it makes me understand and feel confident the tutor s are so nice i made honor-roll this quarter b\c of

6th Grade Math Student

My tutor explained everthing down to the last point and used examples to help me understand. This is a great website and i will use it probably everyday! This website is going on my favorites for sure. and also i love how i can get on here wherever im at..either at school or home. thanks.

11th Grade Chemistry Student

Karen was a great tutor! She helped me feel more confident in my answer and complete my homework!She was also very nice. I am so happy this website is available!!!!

9th Grade Literature Student

it was great...i really understood the concept of the thing i was working on and it really helps me with my homework and tests. ;)

10th Grade Geometry Student

Ever since I started using, i have done better on homework, and tests, but most importantly, I have understood the material on a higher level. I have been encouraging others to also seek help on this website.

12th Grade Physics Student

Wow! I got all my questions answered and everything! I learned more than I needed to that was over the top! I`m not that worried about my science project anymore! I`m more confident now! Thanks ALOT!

7th Grade Earth Science Student

She was very nice and helpful. She gave me a refrence to a website and went over it, she gave me examples to do and made sure i understood it, she was very encouraging.

7th Grade English Student

I needed help with a problem for my exam the following day. My tutor helped me understand the problem and let me work one out on my own. Thank you!

9th Grade Geometry Student

This was a huge help. Our final exam is tomorrow, and by explaining this to me, I can now it explain it to my other friends. It went fast and it was easy to understand! Thanks!!

Chemistry Student

I really enjoyed working with my tutor. He explained things very clearly, and I understood exactly what he was trying to say. I now feel prepared for my exam

Geometry Student

100% awesome. I was having so much trouble and this helped me pass my tests and gain more confidence in algebra. Thank you so much! I will definetly pass this site on to all my friends!

10th Grade Algebra II Student

i really recomend for anyone. i have just started today and have had a couple different tutors and they all are very good; and helped me out alot. they do not just give the answers like most, they make me work it through and giving me examples helps out alot too ! (which they all did) (: great job tutors:D !

11th Grade Algebra II Student

I needed help on quadratic equations so I came here for the first time. The results were amazing. 100 percent confidence led to a 100 percent on the test. Thanks alot : )

8th Grade Algebra Student

ok i had 1 question and it was answerd quickly and i got an A on my lesson and now feel like im ready for the big test and now i know how to do it i think i will get an 100 on that big test

9th Grade Algebra Student

He was awesome. He gave me the exact information i needed and didn't ramble too much like some. He kept my interest and I'm ADHD. I feel more confident about my test now.

Chemistry Student

My tutor, Diana, was very helpful. She took the time to explain what I needed help on and was very polite and courteous. I was making the problem 100x harder than it needed to be, and she showed me a way to do the problem in just three easy steps! sure cut down my homework time but increased my understanding~ Thank you for offering this fantastic service!

11th Grade Trigonometry Student

i liked this tutor because he even repeated the steps after we were done with the problem to make sure i understood it :)

11th Grade Algebra Student

everything was explained to me in a way that was easy to understand. step by step help realy made more of a difference than just my notes :D

11th Grade Algebra II Student

The tutor help me understand a problem step by step and he made should i knew everything i was doing.

8th Grade Algebra Student

My tutor was very nice and helpful. They talked me through the problem step-by-step. It helped me become more confident in my math homework-Plus it was very fast and easy! Thank You!

7th Grade Math Student

My tutor was so helpful it showed me step by step how to do my homework without just giving up on me or giving me the answer

9th Grade Algebra Student

this is perhaps the best way to get help from anybody, not only does it help a person in the privacy of their own home, but it leaves the awkwardness that a student feels when he or she asks a question before an entire class.Not only that but the problems that I have been strugglling with for some time now have been solved quickly, I was able to learn something that I would never get out of class. And I learned alot as well. My tutor was great, they were able to solve the problems step by step and that really helped. is the greatest.

11th Grade Trigonometry Student

I would like to thank Mrs. Elizabeth for her help in English. Now I can keep my grades up and I will graduate on time. Thank a Bunch!!!!!!!!

12th Grade English Student

Zoe was really nice and she really new what she was doing and that counts alot!! thank for helping my sister and I make a better grade on our assignments!!! We will definently be visiting your online tutoring again!!!!!!!!

8th Grade English Student

Lisa help me earn a better grade by proof reading both of my essays, you guys at save my college career!

Proof Point Student

This program is great! The tutor I just had helped me SO much! I think my grade is going to become even higher. This program is so easy and convienent. Thank you so much for helping me!

10th Grade Chemistry Student help me improve my math grades! i had a 'D' and put it up to a 'B' in one day! :]

10th Grade Proof Point Student

had a wonderful session. keep it up. I really love it. I really improved my grades. good job. you are abselutely helping the society.

11th Grade Algebra II Student

I so happy that I'm improving my grades. thanks for all your help. you guys made me a very sucessful person.

11th Grade Chemistry Student

Thank you so much for this service! It has improved my grades so much! The tutors are so nice and patient too! What more could anyone ask for?

11th Grade Chemistry Student

i like this program, this is my first time using this, so i cant say it has improved my grades. but it will :)

11th Grade Chemistry Student

I truely believe that this program has been like a new beginning for me and my improving grades thanks alot for being there to support me and many others world wide.

11th Grade Chemistry Student

I love this site! It's helped me soooooo much! My grades have shot through the roof!

11th Grade Physics Student

Its awesome! Thanks so much.. I couldn't live without ya. Now I actually don't hate homework anymore, it gets easier and easier and makes more sence. My grades went from B- and B to A and A !You guys R great!

6th Grade English Student

my average in the first marking period was a 79. I found out about this tutoring service at the end of the second marking. My average was an 86. My current average in math for the third marking period is a 93. I have dramatically improved my grade thankx to this tutoring service! THANK YOU SOO MUCH

8th Grade Math Student

Kathleen was my tutor for the day and she was alot of help she helped me understand graphs way better than i ever had. she took patience with all my questions today because i had plenty! and she went out of her way to help me beyond what i needed. She is a GREAT tutor. thank you for opening this site. it has helped me so much!

11th Grade Algebra II Student

I have stayed up late studying every single time until 3 in the morning, I have never been able to understand anything so quick within a short period of time just talking about math. I am extremely grateful that the library has such a great resource that every student can use. And my tutor was the best, should get a raise.

12th Grade Trigonometry Student

well, being my first time using this service, I felt completly comfortable to ask questions, and if I didn't understand the first time, ask again, and again, till I was 100% sure. this is not always possible in a classroom, but online, I feel great when I am sure about what to do! This has really helped, thank you!

Math Student

This was so much fun and very helpful! The tutor I had (Patrick C) was very polite, patient, and really knew what he was doing. I learned more by having him help me than I could ever do by doing trial and error alone. And even if I did get to the right answer alone, I'd probably never be able to explain it nonetheless repeat it on a similar problem. It has cut my homework time in HALF. I love this and plan to keep working with! Thank you!

12th Grade Trigonometry Student

the tutors on this website are so great! they really explain it to you so that you understand it. and they don't do the work for you. they just guide you. It's improved my math grades soo much since I started using this and I am so much more confident in my work!

8th Grade Algebra Student