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How Works for Social Studies

Whether students are studying for a social studies test, or researching, outlining or proofreading their history papers, tutors can help.

Students simply choose social studies, select their grade level, and provide a brief description of the help they need. Students can even upload a file to review with our tutors using ProofPoint, our real-time, collaborative proofreading service. Only guarantees that every session is one-to-one with a qualified tutor, so students get the focused attention they deserve.

Differentiated Instruction that Supports Classroom Instruction

Social studies is more than memorizing facts and dates. social studies tutors help students review, structure and author work to clearly communicate their understanding of the material being studied.

Tutors will help students to research, brainstorm and structure their reports and papers, but will never do the work for them.

ProofPoint™ Real-Time, Collaborative Proofreading

Students also have the option to proofread their social studies assignments with one of our tutors. Using ProofPoint, the student uploads their document, and reviews it with the tutor in real-time.

Rather than sending and receiving an edited version via email, student and tutor and collaborate and discuss the reasons for each edit as it is made. Students then receive a fully marked-up document back immediately after the session is complete.

24/7 Online Office Hours for Every Student

Social studies and history teachers can’t keep office hours 24/7, and not every student has someone they can turn to for help at home. When a classroom teacher can’t be available, can--whenever and wherever a student needs help.