Work, Energy and Simple Machines

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This website contains information on the rotational motion and energy of a simple pulley-mass system. It also has math for a sticky rotational collision.

This describes (with equations and diagrams) the work-energy principle, and how it applies to rotation, including the important conditions for rolling without slipping.

Interactive illustration of the Carnot Cycle used as a heat engine.

Work and Simple Machines

This website contains information and diagrams regarding the physical principles describing the motion of an Atwood machine. It also has a form in which you can plug in numbers and get results for tension.

An in-depth and extensive treatment of the subject of Work, with explanations, illustrations, diagrams, and examples.

This site provides a neat, concise, and lucid explanation of how to solve problems having to do with pulleys. It extends the simple explanation to include inertia; and, by extension, friction as well. Just substitute friction for inertia (Ia).