Describing Motion: Velocity

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If you're studying motion and velocity, you've come to the right place. You can watch a free physics video to refresh your memory before a test, experiment with sophisticated online modeling tools, or just practice a few problems with a free worksheet.
An extensive lectures on all aspects of a pendulum are given, accompanied by five interactive Java labs.

Hundreds of free games illustrating basic principles of physics.

Interactive Java applets that can be downloaded or run from the website. Graphics are excellent. Covers several less common topics, e.g. in heat and thermodynamics.

This site lets users see the relationships between kinetic energy, potential energy, friction, and gravity as they design a roller coaster.

A list of equations and constants for AP Physics B and C exams, organized by subject.

This website provides not only an explanation of how the ballistic pendulum can be used to measure the speed of a bullet but also a calculator to check your work. It can be used to explain a similar assembly involving a spring instead of a pendulum as well. You simply substitute the equation for the potential energy of a spring for (M+m)gd -- the potential energy of the pendulum.


Need to study for Physics? Here are some questions to help you out!!!

This website contains information on the rotational motion and energy of a simple pulley-mass system. It also has math for a sticky rotational collision.

A brief and basic explanation of speed, velocity and acceleration. There is also a tool to create your own graphs for accelerating objects and a short quiz to test your knowledge.

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