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Identify the missing angle measurement in each set of complementary angles. Answers included.

This website will allow you to practice finding the area of a triangle. It also gives a brief explanation of the formula and how to use it.

This site helps to explain the Pascals triangle. It shows a diagram which helps.

how can you show that a generalization is correct

four identical square tables are arranged next to each other to form one larger rectangular table. the length of the large rectangular table is 12 feet. what is the area of each square table

Use your knowledge of vertical angles and supplementary angles to find the measurements for all angles. Answers included.

This website is a practice worksheet for naming angles. The answer sheet is there also.

This website will guide you to calculate the third angle of a triangle.

This website will help classify triangles based on the sides. Includes equilateral, isosceles, and scalene.

This is an interactive lesson on area and perimeter of rectangles. The step by step lesson explains how to find both area and perimeter in a real life situation. Then, the student is shown a series of rectangles and is asked to find the area and perimeter of each.

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